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Our creche, L’Enfant Roi Dyapason is in the heart of one of the most dynamic district of Luxembourg city: The Cloche d’Or. Based in just a few steps away from the Crystal palace, which receive the PWC company, the creche is ideally situated for the 20 000 workers in the neighborhood. This structure is located near of the most important garden of Luxembourg city; with a surface area of 20 hectares, it is easily accessible from the creche and it will allow the children to appreciate some very nice walk during the summer.
The proximity of public transport is also very appreciable: many buses lines runs through the Cloche d’Or district and the “Tram” will soon join this transport network. Finally, a parking is available for the parents, this way it is very easy to park the car before you depose your child at the creche.


Ideally located and easily accessible, the L’Enfant Roi Dyapason creche, which is located in the heart of the Cloche d’Or district, is composed of three Nidos, two Children’s Community and one Children’s House.
The structure offers the children every chance to enhance their capabilities and their creativity by providing them an Art room, a sport room, a polyvalent room or a kitchen specially arranged for the children’s needs.
Although situated near of the most important city garden, the creche offers a garden over 500m², which is fully secured and fitted with very qualitative psychomotricity equipment’s. It also had a play area which is filled with a synthetic floor covering, away from the potential rainfall; this way the children will be able to enjoy these external spaces, even during the less sunny day.

Pauline Georges


Pauline joined our establishment shortly after obtaining a Nursery School Teacher’s Bachelor’s Degree. After working as a teacher at the Atrium crèche she became the Main Teacher, with her passion for education, her motivation and her good humour supporting her in her duties as Manager of the Dyapason crèche.

« The greatest traveller is not he who had gone around the world ten times, but rather he who has gone around himself once. » – Gandhi

Crèche L’Enfant Roi Dyapason
4 rue Robert Stumper L-2557 Luxembourg
Tél : +352 27 32 25 640

Opening hours :
monday to friday – 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Accreditation N°SEAJ20180156
Participant Chèque-Service Accueil