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« After twelve years of experience as the associate manager of a private crèche, I decided to create my own early childhood facility. My objective was to offer the children a facility that was open, warm and welcoming, with differentiated learning catering to each individual’s pace and personality.

After having discovered the Montessori educational method, I was immediately convinced by it and decided to make it the core of this project. So in 2004, I founded the Am Piesch crèche, the first Montessori learning crèche where French was spoken in Luxembourg. My husband and my son soon joined the management to handle the financial and administrative side of things. Today, our enterprise has developed and has several crèches within the borders of Luxembourg. With the support of both my family and a good many reliable, devoted employees, I supervise all of our facilities whilst also making sure that the child remains the central focus of our attention, as recommended by Maria Montessori.

As for the future, it is structured around a timeless objective that motivates our everyday activities: To offer the best in terms of quality of life and education and learning to the greatest possible number of children, in a kind setting that is respectful of individuality. »

Dominique Godard – Manager & Founder

Trust begins by sharing

A child’s autonomy, everyday happiness, personal development and freedom are things that are important to us. We believe that each child has all the potential within them required for their development and that adults are there to enable this potential to blossom. It is essential to offer the child the opportunity to develop their various sensibilities within a framework suited to their psychological and physical needs, whilst at the same time working at their own pace and in accordance with their particular individual characteristics, whilst awakening them to the possibilities of social life.

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    «The great social mission to provide the child with justice, harmony and love remains to be achieved.
    This important task comes down to education. This is the only way to build a new world and build peace.»