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Jan 25, 2017

The importance of breakfast

The best breakfast is the one with you!

Your child favorite activity is to imitate you, if he sees you drinking your coffee on the run, leaving the house without eating, why would he eat something ?
Most of the time, try to take the time to sit with him and share this moment around this important meal ; observe him doing his toast, filling out his glass, squeezing his orange, cutting off his banana … he grows so fast.

At L’Enfant Roi, we know that your time is limited: you could maybe prepare the breakfast table the day before, set the alarm 15 minutes sooner … Or even propose a bottle/gourd in bed or in the car.

To complete in the best way possible the nutritional intake of child arriving early at the crèche, we propose a snack. It is served between 7 :30am and 8 :15am; if served later, it could prejudice the lunch (served à 11 :45am) and imbalance the child eating habits. It doesn’t pretend to be a breakfast and it involve an unical food category.


In order to adapt this snack in the best way possible, we would like to know your child breakfast habits, to do this we would appreciate that you answer this survey: click here!

A full meat, but what to give?

A cereal product (carbohydrate) which will bring the energy et permit the child to hold out until the lunch: cereal with milk, rusk, bread …

A milk product which will provide carbohydrate and calcium : milk, yogourt, white cheese, petit suisse.

A fruit which will provide vitamines, minerals and fiber : fresh fruit, dried fruits, compote, pressed fruit.

A drinkto hydrate cells : either milk, pressed fruits, glass of water or infusion.

Limit quick-burning sugar which is very addictive and which cause « energy slump » during the morning.

Some advices to offer your child the most balanced breakfast possible

Attention : Limit industrial foods, rich in sugar, fat and additives (conservatives, colorant, …)

Prefer natural muesli instead of industrial cereals, honey instead of chocolate spread and bread rather than pastries. If you don’t squeeze fruits by yourself, be careful when buying juice and try to pick the one referenced as “no add sugar”.

Read labels of product carefully : whether it is cereals, cacao powder or milky product, it is important to read and compare the product lables. It can varies depending the brand, in particular regarding the chocolated cereal sugar level.

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