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L’Enfant Roi Grünewald


Creche L’Enfant Roi Grünewald



Located in a residential zone at the eastern end of the Kirchberg business district, our crèche is established on the edge of the Grünewald forest. Offering easy access and just a few hundred metres from Kirchberg Hospital and the head office of the BGL BNP-Paribas bank, the crèche is in a lush, green setting. Thanks to the crèche’s proximity to various parks and walks, we can easily take the children on outings to discover the diversity of nature and the importance of showing respect for our environment.


The L’Enfant Roi Grünewald crèche consists of three Nidos and two Children’s Communities, all covering 2 floors. Moreover, there is a multi-purpose room on an open access basis for the older children on a lower level of the building. A large garden with a surface area exceeding 1,000 m2, and equipped with good-quality psychomotricity equipment, is also available to the younger and older children. Inside the crèche there are nice living rooms that are spacious and well-illuminated, which enable us to set up ambiances suited to our educational approach.

Anaïs Delval


Anaïs has always been passionate about the sector of childhood, and this led her to multiplicate formations within this field. After her graduation with a degree of “Educator specialized in psycho-education”, Anaïs first worked in a preschool before she joined us at L’Enfant Roi where she quickly became Main Educator. Her experience and devotion with the children naturally led her to become Managing Director of L’Enfant Roi Grünewald.

« Education is about understanding the child as it is, without imposing on it the image of what we think it should be. » – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Creche L’Enfant Roi Grünewald
106, rue de Grünewald L-1912 Luxembourg
Phone : +352 27 32 25 630

Opening hours :
monday to friday – 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Accreditation N°SEAJ20160105
Participant Chèque-Service Accueil