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Montessori psychology

Parental support

Hosting a child at our crèches entails taking into consideration that child’s needs and doing the utmost to improve that child’s well-being. This is why we offer a psychological dimension in our approach to children and parents, as well as educational teams.

Our experienced psychologist, Delphine Ehrhardt, who specialises in child development and has experience in family issues, holds a privileged position in relations between children, parents and educational teams.


Parents can meet with her at our various facilities where she is on-site regularly over consecutive two-day periods. These meetings provide parental support either in one-on-one or group meetings where people can speak, and can be held simply by requesting them.


Delphine makes contact with the parents as part of crèche-level adaptation in order to find out about the child’s habits and to help the main teacher as part of her personalised welcoming of the newcomer.

She is responsible for observing the children in their respective ambiances and for noting her observations, either at the parents’ request, or at the request of the educational teams.

She also takes part in educational teams when the child changes from one group to another.

Delphine Ehrhardt


Delphine holds a Master’s 2 degree in Psychology and provides precious parental support for all of our parents. She is always reassuring, and knows how to alert a family in the event of a problem. For the educational teams, she also constitutes a support when passing from one group to the next and when children enter and leave the facility. In her role as a trainer regarding child knowledge, she organises essential practical studies that are appreciated by all of the educational staff.

« The stars are lit up so that everyone may one day find their own one. » – Antoine de St Exupéry