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Nov 3, 2016

Central Kitchen, vegetarian meal and news diapers at L'Enfant Roi


Central Kitchen, vegetarian meal and news diapers at L’Enfant Roi!

At L’Enfant Roi, the children’s well-being is and will always be our priority. Our services, kitchen and technicals, are in constant progression with the purpose to always offer the best to the children.

At the present time, a restructuring project is mobilizing our team with the aim to offer, again and again, the best meals to your children.

The Kitchen at L’Enfant Roi: Feels like home but in big saucepan!

L’Enfant Roi is realizing an important project, which will be called « La centrale » and will centralize all our kitchen’s and technical services. We are not speaking about an external company which will be in charge of managing our lunches, but litteraly a new place where all our kitchen teams will be reunited under the command of our Head cook Sebastien MATZ.
This project will allow us to optimize the meal preparation by our team but also to give us the opportunity to create more various meals for your children.
This centralisation is a great occasion to work with new local and organic producers for the preparation of our dishes.

 Organic and local products: more and more!

You probably already noticed this fact: we always include some organic products in the elaboration of our menus, even in tiny quantity. To us, it is really important to pay attention to what your children could be consuming. Thanks to the ERCenter, we will be able to increase these proportions and to elaborate menus which will be conceived with more organic and local products!

At L’Enfant Roi, one vegetarian meal per week!

The children’s diet has to bring some optimal protein part to the body: enough to allow an appropriate muscular construction, but also a moderate quantity because children’s kidneys are in the process of development and we have to avoid them to work to much.

A recent study demonstrates the fact that a vegetarian alimentation can have some real assets for healthcare:

  • Because it is fiber enriched, it brings important quantity of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins
  • It also permits to moderate the intake of saturated fat (mainly present in meat: chicken, beef, charcuterie and milk product) and to respect the intake of essential fatty acids

Even more, this diet is also more respectful of animal rights and it contributes to protect the environment and to promote a more responsable way of consuming. We noticed that you are a lot to chose this specific diet for you and your children.

Of course, L’Enfant Roi does not plan to become fully vegetarian but it tends to be a « wise omnivorous ». The point is to protect your child healthcare and to  make them adopt a healty way to consume but also to teach them tolerance.
The vegetarian meal is already on the menu and, don’t be afraid, so are proteins, but in different forms: tofu, leguminous plants, etc. Therefore, your child nutritional needs are  respected and this is our priority.

We do hope that those change will meet your expectations and we will always  be available if you have any question.

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