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The Children’s Community

an ambiance for children aged 2 to 3 years

The Children’s Community

an ambiance for children aged 2 to 3 years

Developing children’s movements, fine motor skills, and their spoken language, as well as respecting their environment and others, are some of the learning aspects tackled in the Children’s Community.

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Here, each child benefits from 5 spaces where they can move around freely and benefit from equipment specific to the Montessori learning approach which is made available. These various living spaces are as follows:


The practical life equipment is the first equipment presented to the child. This equipment enables the child to establish the basis for his or her development and learning. Indeed, it invites the child to act and carry out the actions involved in everyday life (carrying a chair, tying a knot, getting dressed, brushing your teeth, etc.).

The sensory equipment, on the other hand, is scientific (it is universal, calibrated, tested, and measured) and enables:

  • An approach to reality via what is concrete rather than on an abstract level
  • Identification of contrasts and varying degrees
  • Use of the senses, the concepts of “smooth” and “rough”, the various odours, the various sounds, the concept of colours, etc.


Toilets, a changing room and cloakrooms comprise this space, which is adapted to the child’s needs.


Among other things, this space has a library corner, a shelf with pictures, paired objects, sequential images, drawing stencils, and a farm and a doll’s house. This equipment follows a progression enabling the child to progress in terms of enriching his or her vocabulary, and reading and writing.


This space, which is split into three categories (locomotion, co-ordination, and stereognostic skills), provides the child with the opportunity to develop his or her movements, balance, fine motor skills, and the ability to recognise objects by touching them.


This space consists of the modelling workshop, the drawing and painting workshop, materials for collage, and the music workshop (singing, dancing, movements, etc.). This enables the child to develop his or her artistic sense through various actions: playing, telling stories, inventing, and looking without any constraints, as well as enabling the child to exercise a critical frame of mind and express emotions.

communauté enfantine